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Question: What is the difference between oral sedation and inhalation sedation(e.g. laughing gas)?



Answer: Both are forms of sedation that help provide relaxation to the patient that will decrease the anxiety to the dentistry that is to be performed. Laughing gas tends to work well for decreasing the patient's perception of pain but less "sleepy" properties. The oral sedation, on the other hand does less for a patient's pain threshold but typically will make the patient more relaxed and can sometimes promote amnesia so that the patient cannot remember the experience.


Depending on the situation, Dr.Glasmeier will often use a combination of oral and inhalation sedation to help address the pain threshold issue while promoting relaxation and possibly amnesia for the patient. Residents of Nolensville and Cain Ridge trust Dr.G with their sedation needs! Talk to Dr.Glasmeier about sedation dentistry and how it can benefit you!