When should my child start seeing a dentist?


I recommend bring your child as soon as they get their full complement of baby teeth, which is approximately 2-3 years of age. While this age is young, and very little dentistry can often be accomplished, it establishes a couple things:


1. The dentist is able to count all the teeth to verify that all the teeth are present as well as checking for cavities. The dentist can also determine and assess for further problems such as crowding issues or potential diastemas(spaces between front teeth).
2. By establishing a routine early, the child will typically have more positive experiences and be comfortable with future visits.
3. Enables the dentist to help the parents establish a good system of oral hygiene to prevent further problems.


At ages 2-3, typically the teeth will be counted and will be checked for cavities and any other abnormalities. X-rays are not usually taken unless a problem is discovered and the child may or may not receive a cleaning depending on the child's temperament. By ages 4-5,the child will get the same treatment as an adult which involves an exam, x-rays and a cleaning. It is VERY important to have your child assessed before their permanent teeth start to come in as there could be preexisting problems that may affect the permanent teeth. An ounce of prevention provides defense against a ton of problems!

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