Do you have an unsightly crown where metal is showing by the gumline? 

Does your gumline appear purple or gray?

Do you have an old gold crown or a porcelain crown that is chipped with metal showing?

Do you have a history of breaking teeth and/or crowns or have a habit of grinding/clenching your teeth?

     If the answer is yes than the Brux-Zir crown is for you! The Brux zir crown is a porcelain-like crown that has the appearance of a metal free crown yet has the strength of a gold or metal crown. They are prepared fairly similar to traditional crowns except the material is virtually unbreakable and scratch proof. They are more unique in that they are often times fabricated by a computer giving excellent precision and long term stability.

Ask Dr.Glasmeier about Brux-Zir crowns, the metal free crown most popular in Nashville, TN!