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Antioch Dental Care

Looking for outstanding dental care and top notch customer service? Look no further...our testimonial speak for theirself! Testimonials Call us today at 615-731-8960 and see for yourself!   Read More

Antioch TN Dentist Discusses Treatment For Snoring

Question: How is sleep apnea treated by dentists?   Answer: Depending on the cause for the sleep apnea, there are many dental appliances available. It is recommended that a patient who suspects Read More

Are the UV toothbrush sanitizers effective and necessary?

Are the UV toothbrush sanitizers effective and necessary? I researched this topic by talking with several pathologists who research infections/disorder/diseases of the mouth and the answers are unanimous....yes they do work Read More

Belle Meade Dentist Discusses Receding Gums

I have receding gums - what can I do?   Receding gums are one of the most common dental problems - especially after the age of 40. So if your dentist tells Read More

Brentwood,TN Dentist Discusses Children Using Toothpaste

When should a child start using toothpaste? Parents know that taking care of small children is a full-time job - and along with diaper changes, bath time, and medical checkups, parents Read More

Broken Dentures

Question: Once a denture is broken, then repaired, can it ever be the same? I dropped mine, since the dentist repaired it I now have a space between my two front Read More

Brux-Zir Crowns- The Metal Free Crown Alternative

Do you have an unsightly crown where metal is showing by the gumline?  Does your gumline appear purple or gray? Do you have an old gold crown or a porcelain crown that Read More

Cavity Around a Crown

Question: Can you get a cavity around a crown?   Answer: Yes even though the tooth is "covered" by a crown, it can still get a cavity. You can get a cavity Read More

Chairside Veneers

What is chairside veneer? A tooth colored facing that can be bonded to the tooth to improve the esthetics of a tooth. Whether an old discolored filling, small chip or Read More

Child's First Visit To Dentist

When should my child start seeing a dentist?   I recommend bring your child as soon as they get their full complement of baby teeth, which is approximately 2-3 years of age. Read More

Choosing a Sedation Dentist in Nashville, TN

Overcoming the fear and anxiety to visiting the dentist is quite an accomplishment in of itself! Conquering the first hurdle of going to dentist is quite daunting but then finding Read More

Closing Spaces Between Teeth

Approximately 25-30% of the population have spacing between their teeth and more specifically between their 2 front teeth. Dentists refer to this as a "diastema". Depending on the size of Read More

Contraindications for Sedation?

Question: Who is not a candidate for oral and IV sedation?   Answer: The following is a list of individuals who would not be candidates for sedation and includes but not limited Read More

Cosmetic Dentist in Antioch/Brentwood, TN Discusses Importance of a Healthy Smile

When First Impressions Count: Let Your Teeth Do the Talking   When you need to make a good first impression, make sure your teeth are working for you and not against you. Have Read More

All ceramic/porcelain vs. PFM crowns

Question: Hi there, I am a 51 year old woman in pretty good health. In 2004 I had my 4 front teeth removed and porcelain crowns put in. It has Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 129 posts


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