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Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

Do you know the difference sources of tooth sensitivity? Do you know what sensitivity can be an issue and which are of small consequence?

Consider these questions:

 1. Is the sensitivity brief or lingering? Lingering refers to more than 30 seconds.
 2. Is the sensitivity all the time or occasional?
 3. Does the sensitivity happen when you do something or does it happen on its own?
 4. Does it hurt when you chew or when its exposed to hot or cold or both?
 5. Do you have receding gums? Receding gums can make teeth more sensitive?
 6. Is there a filling already present on the tooth?
 7. Is there a cavity present on the tooth?
 8. Does the sensitivity keep you up at night?
 9. Do you have to use OTC meds to help with sensitivity?

These are several questions a dentist will use to assess not only the problem but also the severity of the problem. Come visit Dr.Glasmeier to find out the source of the sensitivity and to assess if treatment is needed.