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A common question I get from childrens' parents is:

   Does my kid really have to get one of those silver "caps" or "crowns" is sooo ugly!!

The answer depends...The following are major reasons why the dentist may prescribe/recommend Stainless Steel Crowns (SSCs):

1. Very little tooth structure remaining

2. Decay on multiple surfaces of the tooth

3. Pulpotomy (i.e. mini root canal on the tooth)

4. Biting sensitivity on tooth.

Under these circumstances, a filling will simply not be strong enough(or hygienic enough) to protect the childs tooth. A SSC will provide better coverage of the remaining tooth structure, decrease the chances of developing new decay and prevent the tooth from breaking. While esthetics are sacraficed, the ultimate result is protection of a baby tooth so the space is held for the permanent tooth to erupt! Talk to your dentist about if SSCs are needed to appropriately restore your childrens teeth!