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Attention partial denture users!!!!

Are you tired of wearing a partial denture that uses wires to clasp around your teeth?

Tired of acrylic going across the roof of your mouth affecting your taste and speech?

Tired of using adhesive and glues to hold something in to replace your missing teeth?

Wishing you could not only replace missing teeth but enhance your existing smile?

Do you wish you could get something that eliminate all these issues? The answer is YES...A Snap On Smile is a partial denture that snaps over the existing teeth...

    WITHOUT wires....

    WITHOUT acrylic.....

    WITHOUT adhesives and glues....

Ask Dr.Glasmeier how a Snap On Smile can replace your old partial denture and give you the smile you always wanted along with the comfort!!!

Imagine a smile makeover in two visits. No shots, no drills, no long appointments...and much more affordable than the cosmetic dentistry that is typically needed for cosmetic smle enhancements. Enter the snap on appliance made to snap over the existing teeth and provide a complete and extreme makeover.

What can a Snap On Smile fix?

   1. Missing Teeth

   2. Severely Discolored Teeth

   3. Severely crooked Teeth

   4. Space between Teeth

 In one appliance, you can make the teeth look whiter, close the spaces between teeth, give the appearance of straighter teeth and replace teeth that are missing. For less than the cost of 2 crowns, 1/4 the cost of orthodontics, 1/2 the cost of replacing one missing teeth, the Snap On Smile delivers with ease, expediency and perfection! Ask Dr.Glasmeier, your Nashville dentist, about getting a Snap On Smile today!