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Question: Why do dentists prescribe different sedatives for oral sedation procedures? My dentist prescribed Valium the night before and Triazolam the day of the procedure. Why two different sedatives?


Answer: Valium and Triazolam have different lengths of activity as well as time of onset. Likely the dentist prescribed the Valium the night before to help the patient sleep as well as promote some initial sedation that will linger due to its "half life" being much longer than Triazolam. Triazolam is short acting but works very quickly, therefore this is given the day of or 1 hour prior to procedure to help improve/deepen the level of sedation. The prescription of these sedatives is determined by: medical history, type of procedures involved as well as length, level of anxiety and others (e.g. gag reflex). Talk to Dr.Glasmeier about what sedatives are needed for oral sedation dentistry!

Question: Will I be able to drive home after my sedation appointment?



Answer: Depending on the type of sedation you receive, you will likely not be able to drive home. With the exception of laughing gas, you will not be able to drive home on your own. For oral and IV sedation, are you required to have an escort accompany you to the appointment, drive you home and stay with you for the remainder of the day. In addition to not being able to drive, you are restricted from going to work that day, operating heavy machinery, making major decisions while under the influence, and being alone. It is for these reasons that you must have a responsible escort be with you at all times for the duration of the day.

Question: If someone is getting sedated for their dental work, do they still need to be numb (i.e. get injections?)?


Answer: Yes, even though sedation will relax the patient (perhaps even make them sleep) and cause an amnesia-like effect, injections are still often necessary. Sedation does not eliminate the perception of pain therefore the patient will still need to be numb. The combination of the sedation and the injections provide the best pain free and relaxing situation for a fearful patient.


Despite the injections, however, the sedation will lessen the anxiety about the injections as well as promoting more comfortable injections. Most patients have no recollection of injections or the procedure!