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Do you have spaces between your teeth or just can't seem to whiten your teeth up to an acceptable color? Are you interested in a more cost effective way to enhance your smile?

Enter the Componeer....a same day veneer than can be placed for an instant smile makeover! The componeer is a special veneer made of composite(similar to white fillings) and are prefabricated that will allow for the dentist to contour and adjust specific to the patient. The results are amazing and more importantly, immediate! Here are typical questions I see about the Componeer:

 1. Do I have to be numb or be drilled on? While not absolutely necessary, it is recommendeded to get the ideal result. The prepping of the teeth is very minimal(contact lens thickness) but there is alot of recontouring of the veneer on the tooth as well as around the gumline.

2. How are they different from porcelain veneers? They are made a composite material which is more similar to how we place fillings.The advantage of this is that you can visualize results before they are even finished, they can be repaired much more easily, and the there is no lab bill which means more less cost to the patient. The downside of porcelain veneers is having to have a lab make the veneers which is costly not to mention the patient has to wear temporaries for several weeks until the real veneers come in and the possibility of them not fitting after they come back to the lab. The Componeers are quicker, comparably as strong, easier to fix and immediate results.

3. How long do they last? It really depends on many variables that your dentist can discuss with you such as your bite, your hygiene, your diet, your compliance at the dentist, positions of the teeth, etc. The average life expectancy on these should be 4-6 years and longer if the conditions are correct?

4. What is the cost of this type of veneer? Traditional porcelain veneers range from $1000-1,200 per veneer. Because they are done chairside and do not involve a labm the cost of the Componeer is roughly half. They are much more cost effective with very similar results.

5. How do I know if I am a candidate? Talk to your dentist and have  a thorough evaluation performed to see if you are a candidate! We're sure you love the results you can achieve making over your smile with Componeers!

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I have no idea what to do. After receiving a cosmetic dentist referral from Lumineers, ten months ago I had eight top teeth done for about $8500.00. Three days after the Lumineers were applied, one fell off. Since then I've had all but one of the original set of eight replaced, mostly due to the Lumineer breaking. I pretty much expect that last one will also fracture before long. I have been in the dentist chair 17 times and never known a single month in the last ten months - not once - when I had all eight Lumineers on at one time. I have always been waiting for a replacement or I was on my way into the office to get a mold taken to get the replacement.


I've nearly lost my job for all the time I had to take to accommodate the dentist's schedule, I've suffered unbelievable embarrassment when one will break and fall into someone else's drink or plate of food while out in public and I've always had a gap of one tooth or another while it was on order. The dentist tries to be nice, but he has reminded me a million times that "something like this has never happened before." A member of his office staff says he's only done 10 sets thus far (he told me hundreds during the consultation.) I know I am stuck with this office as far as the Lumineers warranty goes, and thus far none of the second set have cracked or popped off. I have absolutely no faith in this product and know I have no recourse, if the first set of Lumineers was defective as Lumineers keeps an ironclad "no compensation for anything" policy after 30 days. But this has gone on for ten months and will continue for another one (at least) as I have another replacement to get a mold taken and ordered yet. I could not be more unhappy with the whole Lumineers experience.Do you have any advice for me? Any at all? I would be so grateful, you just don't know.


First Lumineers, or also known as "no prep or no drill veneers" are a nice conservative way of reshaping and correcting color and esthetic issues with teeth that are in otherwise healthy condition. They require little to no drilling and no injections/anesthesia.


Answer: Sounds like there are some bite issues that are preventing the Lumineers from being successful. I don't do many Lumineers unless the conditions are right. You have to have a certain bite to be able to do those. There are other things that can cause them to fail, but they are fairly foolproof since there is no tooth preparation and the procedure for cementing them in very easy. I doubt its the Lumineers as much as you not necessarily being a good candidate for Lumineers. I would get a second opinion before you have them redone and would investigate whether or not you grind your teeth as this could be contributing to the problem as well. Not everyone is a candidate for no prep veneers and the dentist should be evaluating not only the physical appearance of the teeth but also analyzing your bite and ruling out that you grind or clench your teeth.


Good luck!