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Can I take Xanax before my dental appointment to help manage anxiety?

If you are attempting to take a sedative or sleep agent prior to your dental appointment, you will need to notify the dentist IMMEDIATELY. Sedatives impair your decision making ability as well as cause issues with your ability to drive. Sedatives can also promote respiratory depression if used incorrectly and the dentist may not have appropriate training to manage your care under the influence of a sedative. Self dosing is not acceptable as the dentist needs to be making the assessment and diagnosis based on the extent of the work as well as the time needed. If you are taking any sedatives/sleep agents, please notify your provider immediately so arrangements can be made.

Overcoming the fear and anxiety to visiting the dentist is quite an accomplishment in of itself! Conquering the first hurdle of going to dentist is quite daunting but then finding someone you can trust and understand (and certainly be able to provide sedation) is another. I get a great deal of questions of how does a patient select the most appropriate/qualified dentist for their dental/sedation needs? I have compiled a list of questions I would encourage you to use when selecting a dentist for your needs:

1. What types of sedation are offered? Do they offer nitrous, oral, IV sedations or general anesthesia?

2. How long has the dentist been providing these services?

3. Where did they receive their training and do they stay updated on the new trends of sedation dentistry?

4. What type of equipment do they used to monitor and are they prepared for emergency situations?

5. Does the dentist have any of the following training:  CPR, ACLS, PALS?

6. Does the dentist belong to DOCS organization (our governing body over dental sedation)?

There are many things to consider when selecting a sedation dentist, but these are the preliminary questions I would recommend you ask the dental office of your choosing to determine if they can provide you the comfort/pain free visit you are seeking!

Happy hunting!




Frequently, I have patients inquire about oral vs IV sedation with regard to what is safer, what is more pain free and what works best. Patients have even asked if its possible for a patient to receive both for a procedure. In my practice, oral sedation is almost ALWAYS used in addition to IV sedation for the following reasons:


1. Oral sedation the night before provides a better night of sleep for the patient so that they are well rested and not as irritable from lack of

     sleep(due to "thinking about it all night").


2. Oral sedation provides adequate anxiolysis(i.e. nerve control) for the fearful person who has difficulty with needles or IVs being started

    for the actual sedation procedure.


3. The sedation process has already had an opportunity to relax the patient so that I can gauge how they will respond to the IV sedation

     so less time is needed to get the patient into a comfortable state.


4.  The oral sedation further heights the possibility of amnesia postoperatively meaning they are even less likely to recall any of the

     procedure which is greatly beneficial to someone who desires no recollection of being at the dentist.


I personally feel IV sedation is a much safer, more predictable option but I do feel oral sedation is a good option but greatly depends on multiple variables. I typically use both for patient comfort reasons as well making sure all work will be completed without hesitation. Talk to me about how IV and/oral sedation can benefit your dental treatment!!!        Dr.G


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September 13, 2011
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If I have to have dental surgery, would dental sedation be a good option for me?

Yes, dental sedation has been and will continue to be a great modality to help with patient comfort. Sedation dentistry will help patients cope with anxiety, be able to sleep better the night before, create amnesia which eliminates knowledge of the procedure, and certainly provide pain control so the patient has a comfortable visit. Talk to your dentist about dental sedation and how it can improve your next dental visit!

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September 13, 2011
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Can I drive if I am given sedation drugs before my dental appointment?

Under NO circumstances can you drive with any sedation drugs in your system. Sedation drugs not only relax your muscles but it can impair your judgement, your reflexes, and awareness. Operating heavy machinery, exercising, decision making is discouraged while potentially under the influence of sedation drugs.

What if I am only taking a valium? My dentist used to give me a valium the night before, can I still drive myself?

Valium is used as a sedative and sometimes as a sleep agent therefore not recommended. If you were involved in an accident and were under the influence of valium, you would be liable/responsible regardless of how you feel. Think of it like only having 3 beers and saying           "I feel fine....I can drive home". Do NOT take any sedatives/sleep agents if you plan to drive yourself to a dental appointment.