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Have you ever been told you need a "crown" for your teeth? Are you confused why you may need a crown for your tooth? There are many reasons why a crown be necessary but the dentist is likely recommending a crown for one(or more) of the following reasons...

1. Crack in the tooth(may or may not cause sensitivity). Sensitivity can in the form of hot/cold and/or bite sensitivity.

2. Tooth decay(cavity) around a tooth. Large decay around an untouched tooth or decay around an existing filling can both be reasons. If the tooth has never been worked on..then it will depend on how and where the decay is.

3. Tooth has been root canal treated. More common in back teeth but also seen on front teeth. All back teeth that have needed a root canal ABSOLUTELY need a crown!

4. Severely malpositioned, misaligned or discolored tooth. These are obvious more "esthetic" reasons vs the reasons above which are more "functional reasons".

4. Tooth that has large filling on a patient that grinds their teeth at night or clenches their teeth during the day. Teeth with very large fillings are much more likely to fracture.

5. An existing crown that has fractured(such as the porcelain) or has new tooth decay around the crown.

While these are only a couple reasons why we recommend crowns, its important to ask your dentist what a crown is, why you need a crown, the benefits of a crown and certainly the consequences of NOT getting a crown.


Happy Crowning!


August 11, 2009
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Should I Save My Tooth?

Many times patients present in my office with a compromised tooth either due to cavities, fractures or even gum disease and often times it can be very questionable about the best decision to make for saving a tooth. Often times I am asked what information do I use to make the best decision. Here are some simple guidelines I use to help patients make informed decisions?

1. Front or back tooth? This plays a huge variable in re: to much will this affect my smile?

2. Function? How is this tooth used? Do you eat with this tooth or is it just a placeholder? Does it have a history of having problems? Do you grind your teeth?

3. Does this tooth affect other teeth around it? Gum disease can affect adjacent teeth as well as infection. Is there a tooth beside it than can help take some of the stress of that one not being there?

4. How much work is involved to get the tooth healthy again? Will it require multiple procedures? What is the long term prognosis of the tooth if I fix it? What sort of investment is needed to rehabilitate this tooth? What kind of investment is needed to replace the tooth if I have it removed?

5. What does the xray say about the tooth? What kind of symptoms are we having with this tooth? Have we had this problem with other teeth?

The message is simple: there are many things a dentist looks at to help make an educated decision on what is best for the patient. Typically there are different options available but you must consult a dentist to see what is best for you. Keep in mind, we do not make our decisions on what insurance covers, we make our decision on what we do if it was one of our loved ones was in this situation.