Question: What is laughing gas(nitrous oxide) and how it is used for dental



Answer: Nitrous Oxide is a sweet smelling gas administered through a inhaler mask that is placed over a patient's nose. The patient simply breathes in the laughing gas and almost immediately(within 2-4 minutes) experiences a relaxed state. Nitrous oxide is administered to patients requiring relatively short dental procedures and for those with mild anxiety. Recovery time for patients receiving nitrous oxide is very brief, as the effects subside within minutes, allowing patients to drive themselves home if necessary. This is the only form of sedation that the patient can drive to and from their dental appointment. Nitrous oxide works very well with children and does well with adults but less predictable.


By Sue Evans
October 03, 2009
Do you charge extra for nitrous oxide? If so ,how much? My former dentist in Chattanooga used it, and it prevented dental work from being unpleasant.