False teeth and the different types

What is the major difference between a conventional and a immediate denture?


The major difference is the time at which the denture is placed. An immediate denture is delivered at the time of the extractions or when all the remaining teeth are removed. A conventional denture typically follows an immediate denture by 6-12 months or when the gums are done healing from the extractions. The advantages of an immediate denture is exactly what it implies----the patient will have teeth to wear as soon as the teeth are taken out so there is no time that they have to go without the teeth. Patients willing to go without teeth for 6 months can go straight to a conventional denture without the immediate however most patients prefer getting an immediate denture for cosmetic reasons. This is with the understanding that they will have another denture 6-12 months down the road due to reasons what will be mentioned in an upcoming blog. Talk with your dentist about what kind of denture is best for you.