1.All OTC (over the counter) teeth whitening products are the same.
False. There are many variations in how products are distinguished:
1. % Strength
2. Type- Carbamide peroxide vs Hydrogen peroxide
3. Delivery- Tray, Strips, Paint-On- Gel
4. Preservatives- Will Alter the Shelf life of the Product
5. ADA seal- Should have this seal to verify its safety.

2. People with sensitive teeth are not candidates for teeth whitening.
False. While teeth whitening can produce hot/cold sensitivity, is often brief and temporary. People with large cavities and periodontal(gum) disease must use great caution when using these products. Talk to your dentist about what is the best product for you and why.

3. Patients that have cavities are not candidates for teeth whitening.
False. When used properly, even patients with cavities can whiten teeth. In fact, there is very new research showing that teeth whitening can help prevent or reduce cavities when used appropriately.

Talk to Dr.Glasmeier about teeth whitening and what is best for you!