One of the most controversial issues that I deal with over the past couple years is the dangers of silver fillings. Do I feel silver fillings pose a threat from medical standpoint...yes I feel they are a risk to some patients as there are many documented side effects associated with a mouthful of silver(amalgam) fillings. If the fillings are small, they should be replaced with a safer material(i.e. composite tooth colored filling). There are inherent risks, however, with larger fillings. Larger fillings, when replaced, often times require a crown as well due to the tooth's susceptibility to fracturing. While the tooth colored fillings have been shown to reduce medical issues when compared to silver fillings, there are risks with removing larger fillings. I have had many patients who have had all of their silver fillings replaced and have reported improvement in their symptoms(i.e. decreased headaches and insomnia, improved taste perception, less depressed, improved memory, etc). Talk to your dentist about whether or not you should replace your fillings!