I received a filling to 2 of my teeth a few hours ago and my tongue still feels numb and is relatively swollen
What can i do to help take down the swelling and the numbness?


Great question..I am assuming you had fillings done on the lower jaw. It is very uncommon to have to numb the entire side of the jaw where the tooth receiving the filling is located. When the jaw is numbed, the following are also numbed: teeth, gums, jaw, tongue, and lips. The tongue is actually a good side that the dentist numbed you adequately.


Depending on the dentist injected you, how many injections they gave you and the tye of anesthetic they gave you, it could could range form 30 minutes to 8 hours. It is unlikely you have swelling and the numbness will subside as your body metabolizes it. I would only be concerned if it lasts longer than 1 day. Time is on your side!




Numb after 5 days..
By Sasha
October 13, 2010
Hello, I recently just got my wisdom teeth removed the bottom 2.. and was clearly frozen.. however it has been 5 days that this operation has happened and my chin and my lip is still very numb.. I have contacted my dentist and they said it could be numb for the next month.. or in some rare cases for life.. is this normal? is there anything i can do? Also not to mention my lip is hurting and it feels like its burning.