Question: Does everyone fear going to the dentist?

What percent of patients do you see have anxiety or fear going to the dentist?



Answer: Approximately 10 million Americans avoid going to dentist due to fear and anxiety. I would say 40-50% of my patients have had or do have some fear of the dentist. This fear usually stems from a bad experience or not understanding what is going on. By simply educating the patient, much fear is eliminated when the patient knows exactly what the problem is, how to fix it, and what it takes to fix it. I take pride in most of the services I offer but the one I take the most pride in is the one you don't see listed--helping you CONQUER your fear of dentistry. I am confident I can help you not only conquer your anxiety but help you establish a routine of regular dental care that prevents you from needing frequent amounts of dental work and be proud of your oral health and smile!