By drglasmeier
September 13, 2011
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Can I drive if I am given sedation drugs before my dental appointment?

Under NO circumstances can you drive with any sedation drugs in your system. Sedation drugs not only relax your muscles but it can impair your judgement, your reflexes, and awareness. Operating heavy machinery, exercising, decision making is discouraged while potentially under the influence of sedation drugs.

What if I am only taking a valium? My dentist used to give me a valium the night before, can I still drive myself?

Valium is used as a sedative and sometimes as a sleep agent therefore not recommended. If you were involved in an accident and were under the influence of valium, you would be liable/responsible regardless of how you feel. Think of it like only having 3 beers and saying           "I feel fine....I can drive home". Do NOT take any sedatives/sleep agents if you plan to drive yourself to a dental appointment.