Bad breath



Question: How do I fix my bad breath?


Answer: It depends on what the source of the bad breath is. This

question is like asking, my car won't drive, what do I do to fix it?

Obviously it needs to be examined to see what it could and could

not be. The most frequent causes of bad breath are:


1. Halitosis of the tongue

2. Periodontal(Gum) Disease

3. Tooth Decay

4. Dry Mouth

5. Chronic Usage of Alcohol Based Rinses/Mouthwashes

6. Diet

7. Oral Hygiene

8. Medical history (e.g. Diabetics)

9. Chronic Sinusitis (Heavy Congestion from Sinuses)


While this list is not all inclusive, this represents some of the major

causes of bad breath. While all can contribute to unpleasant odor in

the oral cavity, treatment will vary on this based on the source of the

problem. Talk to Dr.Glasmeier about the cause of your bad breath

and how it may be corrected!