Are the UV toothbrush sanitizers effective and necessary?

I researched this topic by talking with several pathologists who research infections/disorder/diseases of the mouth and the answers are unanimous....yes they do work by reducing the amount of microbes/bacteria on your toothbrush via UV sanitation. However, the degree of effectiveness is still questionable and more certainly the cost. I feel there are easier things(and cheaper) that can be done:

  1. Replace your toothbrush more often (every 6 months is not enough).
  2. Always replace your toothbrush after a recent illness, or bacterial/fungal/viral encounter.
  3. Never ever share a toothbrush to minimize transmission of infection.

The only circumstances where I would recommend a UV sanitizer would be if the patient is immunocompromised (i.e. Medical disease or chemo/radiation induced) or diabetic patients. The main reason for this is that they impaired ability to fight infection and extra measures could most certainly increase the level of prevention of infection.