Hi there,
Over the last year I have had very bad acid reflux and haven't looked after my teeth as well as I should have. My front top teeth are now starting to chip away at the tops rather than the bottom. They look awful and I'm only 18, what possible treatments are there for this? please?


Acid reflux can wreak havoc on the teeth. This is also includes bulimia or any other disorder that allows stomach acid to escape the stomach. This causes two major problems....

1. Erosion of the esophagus can occur leading to bleeding.

2. Erosion of the teeth due to the acid dissolving the enamel on the backs of

the teeth.


Back to your question, there are many cosmetic options such as crowns or veneers that help cover the teeth that provide additional strength as well as cosmetic options however we are overlooking the initial problem:



You have to get this under control first. Highly recommend you consult your physician and get on medication that will assist controlling this as there is no dental restoration that will prevent you this erosion completely without controlling the reflux.


Fix the reflux and then go consult a dentist about how to esthetically control your teeth that are chipping.


Good luck!


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