Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked


There are many myths about teeth whitening that Dr.Glasmeier will help clarify.


Myth- All teeth in the mouth will whiten.


Natural teeth will naturally whiten with bleaching material but tooth colored fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures (anything artificial) will not respond.


Myth-All bleaching materials are the same.


There are different types of bleach and different concentrations. The two most common are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. They both whiten teeth but at much different rates.


Myth- 10% carbamide peroxide is the same as 10% hydrogen peroxide are the same.


Absolutely not! 10% carbamide peroxide is only 3.5 % hydrogen peroxide while 10% hydrogen peroxide is 10 % hydrogen peroxide.


Myth- 10% hydrogen peroxide works better than 10% carbamide peroxide because only a small percentage is hydrogen peroxide.


Both materials will whiten the teeth equal but the exposure times differ between the two materials.


Myth- OTC whitening products are as effective as in office.


Materials dispensed by the dentist are typically stronger and have more research behind them warranting them as better choices.


Myth- Using boil and bite trays to whiten teeth is as effective as custom trays by the dentist.


Boil and bite trays can help whiten teeth but are more hazardous because if the material is held in secure, the patient can develop severe tissue burns on the gums and tongue.


Myth- Children cannot whiten teeth due to their age.


Dr.Glasmeier will allow children to whiten their teeth down to age 10 but a thorough assessment of the child's hygiene, temperament, and previous dental history dictates whether or not they would be a candidate.


Myth- OTC mouthrinses and toothpastes can whiten teeth.


Yes but not by the mechanism everyone thinks. Most of these products do have a peroxide ingredient which provides the chemical whitening. Majority of products claim whitening based on their ability to remove surface stain not by whitening! Just at look at the back of product!


Myth- People in braces cannot whiten their teeth.


Patients in braces can whiten their teeth around brackets and there are preliminary studies out showing that whitening while in braces can decrease the incidence of cavities

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