Question: What is the best type of teeth whitening available?


Answer: Having your teeth whitening by a dental professional without a doubt will yield safer and more effective results. Assuming the basics are being done to whiten such as:


1. Brushing on a daily basis

2. Moderating your intake on coffee,tea,wine, etc.

3. Using a whitening toothpaste


In office whitening or custom bleaching trays will demonstrate much better results due to the concentrations that the dentist can prescribe. Peroxide is typically the best ingredient for teeth whitening and most OTC products are limited to 20-25% whereas in office products can reach up to the realm of 35-45%. While this is also much more effective, it can be more harmful if not managed appropriately. This is why the dentist will spend more timely isolating all the tissues around the teeth to help minimize tissue burns and promoting thermal sensitivity.


Talk to your dentist about what are the best teeth whitening options for you!



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